Axcel in the Community

Empowering the community...

Axcel in the Community

Axcel Angels is a one-of-a-kind initiative in the region created by Axcel Finance.

Axcel Angels uses modern technology, through popular social media platform Facebook, to ask members of the community to nominate special causes that require financial or personal assistance.

Every month, the cause with the most ‘likes’ will be chosen as the Axcel Angel to receive assistance from Axcel Finance.

Axcel Finance’s team currently reaches out to the community contributing time and money to dozens of social causes because they understand that businesses cannot operate without a community and communities need businesses to develop and flourish. Now it intends to recognize the work of others who operate in almost secrecy.

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"Thanks for assisting in what I set out to do to advance my business...."

K. Philip

"Thank you for your kind way in which your company does business. Keep it up! I appreciate it very much...."

J. Byone

"Your loan officers actually helped me budget my finances. Amazing!..."

L. Alfred

"Thanks for the assistance you provide the community at large. Just wish others would follow your footsteps...."

B. Hampton

"Thanks for the expeditious and timely financial assistance..."

A. Mathurin

"Axcel Finance granted me the opportunity to build up my credit history by granting me my first small loan...."

K. Pierre

"The service you gave me was excellent..."

C. Williams

"Axcel Finance is really looking out for us...."

M. Jn. Baptiste

"I enjoyed the experience and would most definitely come back for my second loan...."

A. Alphonse